Norfolk East Resort

The Norfolk East Resort building.

Norfolk East Resort. The greatest there is.

Established in 2016, the Norfolk East Resort is one of the finest hotel resorts in Great Yarmouth.

The Norfolk East Resort caters to people of all backgrounds. Whether you're here for a cheeky night out for long-time leisure, we're here to provide the ultimate resort.

Scroll down and browse our website to find out why this is the resort worth investing in.

We have all the information you need.

With a resort this big, there's no way we can tell you how awesome we are with just one web page.

Norfolk East Resort comes with more features, more rooms, and more activities than any other resort in the East of England - and it's all beautifully competitively priced.

Premium service - simple as.

Our resort is one of the critically acclaimed in the country.

We satisfy more customers than anyone else in Norfolk, and our service has been acclaimed by thousands of resort magazines and databases. Think they're right? Think they're wrong? Have you say on our Reviews page.

World class architecture.

A holiday resort your eyes will love.

Our resort is state of the art in every respect. You can see just how much care we put in our holiday resort through the website's gallery.

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